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I create acrylic and mixed media abstracts, semi-abstracts, and contemporary paintings based on observation of the world around me. My works are bold and expressive. I predominately base my work on the present landscape, landscapes observed while travelling, still life set ups and still life in its’ existing environment. I paint loosely from reference photos and memory. I also occasionally sketch small works on site and may reproduce a larger more abstract version in the studio. My works contain colour relationships, impasto texture, movement, geometry and layers.


I have been painting consistently with my local art group since around 2008 under the guidance of many tutors. I also attend multiple weekly tutored classes and full day workshops and I am continuously learning and thinking of new ideas.

Additionally in 2019, I commenced studying Certificate III in Visual Arts full time at Box Hill Institute.

Highlights and Awards

  • 2nd Prize in oil/acrylic at Box Hill Art Group Annual Exhibition at Box Hill Town Hall in 2019 (Judge: Ben Winspear) Artwork – The Grand Canyon.
  • Sold a large artwork to an International collector in USA in 2019, Artwork – Come Fly With Me.
  • Selected and exhibited in ‘Life Abstracted’ exhibition at Cambridge Studio Gallery, Collingwood in 2018, Artwork – Dressed for the Races.
  • Works leased and hung at The Cluster Co-working Office Space, Queen St, Melbourne in 2018.
  • Highly Commended Award at Box Hill Art Group Annual Exhibition at Box Hill Town Hall in 2017 (Judge: Jo Reitze) Artwork – Country Drive.
  • Box Hill Art Group Mid-Year Exhibition Winner in 2016 (Judge: Gillian McCarthy) Artwork – The Farmhouse II.
  • Two artworks sold to an International collector in Finland in 2016, Artworks In the Foyer and Autumn Leaves.
  • Small Group exhibition collaborated with a group of artists I met on social media in 2014.
  • Fond memories of the Judge’s (Judy Leong – Artist in Residence) paragraph about my piece on receiving my first award at Box Hill Art Group in 2011, Artwork – Two Squares and a Bar.


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Bluethumb Curation by Grace Lye, June 2019, “Candy Colours”

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I see the world and I paint it.