A few artworks that I created of my kitchen during Covid lockdown.

Concept first used for Linocuts in Printmaking and then for my multi panel

Preliminary sketch

and A5 artworks that I have done for an exhibition since creating my multi panel

Teacher Chris Pittard – taught us how to mix black out of burnt sienna and ultramarine blue and also taught me which colours are warm colours and which are cool colours, and to put warm coloursĀ  in the foreground and cool colours in the background because they recede.

Colour mixing creating neutral colours/greys and harmonious colour schemes – email, blog and facebook group

American Artist who paints interiors that I follow on instagram –

Australian Artist Grace Cossington Smith who was part of an exhibition I saw at Heide four years ago with American artist Georgia O’Keeffe and Australian artist Margaret Preston. Grace Cossington Smith interiors